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About Plymouth CAST

What is Plymouth CAST?

Plymouth CAST is a Multi Academy Trust (MAT) set up by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Plymouth in March 2014, with 1 nursery, 33 primary schools and 2 secondary schools. We have 8,000 pupils, 720 teachers, 970 support staff, 380 governors and 7 trustees.

Where are our schools?

Our schools are located across the counties of Cornwall, Devon and Dorset and currently operate in three clusters:  West, Central and East Area.



Our Vision:

Plymouth CAST’s vision is that every school will be where:

  • Every parent would want to send their child
  • Every school sector employee would want to work
  • Children of all abilities and backgrounds flourish
  • Good practice and innovation are shared by all
  • ‘The gospel is preached at all times; using words if necessary’ (after St Francis)

Recent Developments:

In October 2016 Ofsted carried out a focussed inspection of Plymouth CAST.  The process started with the inspection of nine CAST schools plus the re-inspection of one school, where in June 2016 the safeguarding had been found to be ineffective. The results of these inspections were:

  • 3 Schools judged Good
  • 3 schools judged Requires Improvement
  • 3 schools judged Inadequate

The school re-inspected was judged to have effective safeguarding. The following week Plymouth CAST MAT was inspected.

As a result of this MAT inspection changes have taken place across the Trust, at both Trust Board and Executive levels. However the Trust continues to face some challenges. To successfully address these challenges, and thus move the Trust forward, the new CEO will be responsible for driving progress against our top ten priorities:

  1. To ensure Plymouth CAST has clarity of ethos, vision and strategic direction that are clearly understood by all stakeholders to facilitate the delivery of challenging objectives.
  1. To ensure governance is effective and challenging by implementing a clear structure with tightly defined remits, particularly in relation to functions delegated to committees or other bodies.
  1. To ensure governors can properly hold Trust Leaders to account, by having the appropriate skills, time and commitment, and sufficient diversity of perspectives to challenge and actively contribute in line with clearly defined roles and responsibilities under an effective Chair. Governors will follow an explicit code of conduct and will engage in active succession planning.
  1. To ensure there are robust processes for:
  • Financial and business planning.
  • Oversight and effective controls for compliance.
  • Value for money.
  1. To ensure that those individuals with leadership and management responsibilities within Plymouth CAST and the individual academies can demonstrate:
  • Good skills and knowledge appropriate to their role, so that they effectively fulfil their responsibilities and consistently meet the standards required.
  • They actively prioritise school improvement and promote the well-being of pupils
  1. To enable leaders to have a clear understanding of what is expected of them and through the effective use of performance review can confirm when they are achieving their targets and when they are not.
  1. To develop a framework for pupil performance to be evaluated against Plymouth CAST’s Individual academies, as provided to parents, and to national norms. The framework will also be used to guide teaching and the learning of individual pupils effectively.
  1. To ensure teaching and learning is effective, challenges pupils and removes the gap between disadvantaged and all non-disadvantaged pupils.
  1. To develop Plymouth CAST-wide arrangements to safeguard and promote the welfare of pupils and ensure they are property supervised at all times (with particular regard to any guidance issued from time to time by the Secretary of State).
  1. To produce a clear and rapid improvement in pupil performance.




For more information about the role, please contact Helen Stevenson or Jo Fish at Navigate on 0203 637 5007 or 0113 287 8445.

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